John was so kind and efficient! Really cares about giving his customers top service! Great local business I look forward to supporting!

Kaci Jackson

John, provides a very thorough assessment and treatment plan, even in wooded yards with two small creeks we have not had a single issue with annoying bugs. It is nice to be able to sit on the back deck in the evening and enjoy nature without getting eaten alive by bugs.

Matt McNutt

Steel City Mosquito sprayed my yard and it allowed us to spend so much more time outside as a family without worrying about big bites! My five year old is usually covered in bites after only a short time playing outside. Will definitely use again and would recommend to anyone! Great company.

Haylie Martin

I highly recommend Steel City Mosquito. John is very knowledgeable and dependable. With the winter we have had spring is going to be bad.

Jennie Bachofer

Customer service is off the chart! Goes above and beyond to make customers happy! Our backyard has been a mosquito fest for the past several years, but we haven’t seen a single one yet and I’m optimistic we won’t see one any time soon!

Jennifer Dahlem

We recently signed up with Steel City Mosquito. Perhaps you would benefit from a conversation with John Sims, a small business owner and Inverness resident. We found him to be informative and professional. 205-569-4422. We saw mosquitoes during the first warm spell this year, but none since he started treating the area around our home.

Judy P

Great service and responsive!

Jessica Bumpus

Great service, great work! The mosquitoes are gone, and I do not miss them one bit!

Walt Weller

John is fantastic! He is dedicated to his work and is happy to go out of his way to meet our needs (when necessary, of course). He’s very personable and is also professional. The treatments he’s done have made our yard livable again!!! I love being outdoors so much but my and children and I were getting eaten alive after being out a few seconds. The difference after spraying is incredible! We very highly recommend him and Steel City Mosquito!!

Nicole Pacifico

Supporting small businesses is near and dear to us! Not only is John a local small business but his understanding of customer service is next level. He is honest, dependable, consistent, & his products WORK!! Thanks John and Steel City Mosquito for keeping those pesky mosquitoes away so our family can enjoy our yard & pool!!

Jeanna Frost Harritt